Thursday, March 30, 2006


Caucus Representative Pageant

The potentially funniest thing about the upcoming Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference semi-annual meeting in Baltimore is that the Miss USA pageant will be in B-more the same weekend. While I don't think you will hear a lot of folks saying,"Whew, am I relieved! I thought I was going to have to miss one or the other!" I think MARAC-ers could have more fun with this than they seem to have to date.

It is time to discuss the Ms./Mr. MARAC State Caucus Representative Pageant. The obvious choices for folks to represent each state in the MARAC region-West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and the District of Columbia-will be our duly and newly elected caucus reps. I hope everyone voted with that in mind in the recent elections (which you just missed the deadline on, sorry).

First point up for discussion: the competition. What are the archival equivalents of the talent, swimsuit, evening gown, question and answer, and "don't trip !" portions of the evening?

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Each Caucus Rep Pageant contestant needs a platform. I think the DC rep's platform should involve access to/restrictions on government records. The Virginia rep's should involve preserving and making more accessible the nation's colonial and founding documents. New Jersey should focus on turnpikes. Maryland could be electronic records. New York could focus on under-documented groups. I think Pennsylvania should focus on chocolate. West Virginia and Delaware should each focus on outreach, publicity, awareness, etc. Oh heck, they should just worry about making sure the rest of the US knows where their states are on the map.

Sometimes the simple is the way to go.
I can't even begin to count the ways in which a swimsuit competition is a really, really, really bad idea.
I've liked all of my caucus reps.

I think they should have to do something involving Masonic rites in keeping with the history of the hotel/conference center, but let's avoid physically hurting anyone and keep this a weapons-free event.

Regalia for everyone!
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