Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Snakes could be on my plane

How could someone not be anticipating the August release of the instant classic Snakes on a Plane starring one of my favorite, favorite actors Samuel L. Jackson?

The thing is, I have not flown in an airplane since seeing the trailer for the film and frankly, I'm scared as hell that there will be snakes on my motherfuckin' plane to Baltimore! But I will go to Baltimore. A newly developed irrational fear of snakes on planes will not keep me from the education, joy, and vendor goodies that will be MARACimore.

Days to Snakes on a Plane: 134
Days to MARACimore: 14

That's nothing! Ever since seeing Saw II I'm terrified of jumping into giant vats of hypodermic needles. I haven't jumped into a vat of hypodermic needles since.
Why am I not surprised that jumping into vats of hypodermic needles is something an archivist could come across in their collection? Our careers are so weirdly awesome.
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